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Real Estate and Environmental

Strategy and Planning for Real Estate Investment in Mexico

Our Real Estate Law practice focuses on advising Mexican and international developers, tourism companies and investors in general, in all legal and regulatory aspects related to investments and strategic operations in the real estate, commercial, tourism and industrial sectors. Our services include legal advice in the following areas:


  • Risk control

  • Acquisitions and sales in the Agrarian Regime

  • Acquisition and sale of real estate assets located in Mexico

  • Leasing and granting of rights over all types of real estate assets

  • Development, administration and operation of real estate projects

  • Property ownership and operation in the tourism sector

  • Creation of condominium property regimes and other forms of common property

  • Creation of split time and timeshare schemes

  • Processing and obtaining permits, authorizations and land uses

  • Amparo and Litigation for the defense of interests on the property of the land.

  • Environmental


- Risk control


1.  Real Estate Due Diligence: to measure risks and opportunities in investment projects and transactions;
  Analysis of lawsuits, liens and any legal obligation that affect the property and that are pending resolution.
  Real Estate Contracts, Social Structures and Co-Investment for tourist, hotel, housing and industrial developments;
  Notarial and registry aspects and title search;
  Land uses: urban, tourist, residential and industrial.
6. Management of permits and authorizations for the development of real estate projects.

- Agrarian
1. Agrarian Due Diligence: Analysis and determination for the sale and use of ejidal lands;
  Advice and representation in transactions with real estate subject to the agrarian and national land regime;
       Restitution of lands, forests and waters;
       Assistance in Agrarian Assemblies;
       Representation of administrative procedures before Agrarian Authorities.


- Environmental                                           
       Analysis and determination of the Environmental Regulation that affects the planning and development of real estate, tourism and industrial businesses, for decision-making and evaluation of responsibilities in the matter;
  Linking the POELs and / or POETs with the PDDUs;
3. Manifestations of environmental impact, technical studies justifying changes in land uses,

4. Processing and obtaining concession titles of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone,

5. Attention to inspection visits, design of strategies and defense of administrative procedures initiated by the Federal Attorney for the Environment (PROFEPA) and the Attorney for the Protection of the State Environment (PPA).

  - Amparo and Litigation
  Amparo Trial and Agrarian Procedures to determine the legal ownership of national lands and agrarian properties;
  Nullity trials for breach of agrarian obligations;
  Conflicts of tenure of ejidal lands and agrarian successions and 
4. Disputes over land limits.


Ambiental y Urbanistio
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