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Our Firm offers excellent legal services in Corporate and Business Investment Law to a significant number of Mexican and foreign clients.


Likewise, in conjunction with our Business Development office in Toronto, Canada  and our alliances, we develop strategies to expand your business;  Either for corporate growth, for tax strategy, for business or real estate investment, for foreign trade purposes, for brand license agreements  or franchise of  your business, or immigration strategy  by obtaining NAFTA or Permanent Residence Visas in Canada.

We offer our clients specialized knowledge and experience in different industries, as well as the commitment to be advised by partners and associates who are specialists in the area of practice and the industry in question.


Some of the Services in this area are :

1.   Corporate:

  • Corporate Due Diligence: Audit and diagnosis on the operation of companies,

  • Sale of shares, increase and decrease of capital,

  • Regularization of companies.

  • Fusion

  • Acquisitions


2.  Business Strategies between National companies or Foreign companies:


3. Foreign Investment and business implementation in Mexico,


4. Strategic Alliances, Holdings, Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures,


5. Trust Structure.


6. Preparation of civil and commercial contracts.

7. Registration of Trademarks, Names and Commercial Notices

8. Franchise Development


Foreign trade

1. Consulting in import and export operations that allow our clients to carry out foreign trade operations with all the security and confidence of not incurring in any infraction.

2. Advice on all aspects involved in the NAFTA Free Trade Agreement (North America Free Agreement) signed between Canada, Mexico and the USA.

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