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Arbitration and Mediation



We have practice in national and international commercial arbitration. Our team has participated in procedures conducted under various arbitration regulations of institutions such as the  International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the  Arbitration Center of Mexico (CAM), the  National Chamber of Commerce of Mexico City (CANACO)  and the  American Arbitration Association  (AAA-ICDR). We have also conducted arbitrations in accordance with regulations  ad hoc  and the Model Regulations of the  United Nations Commission for International Trade Law (UNCITRAL).


On the other hand, we support our clients in the drafting of their arbitration agreements in various types of contracts; in planning and conducting arbitration proceedings, whether institutional or  ad hoc, as well as in the processing of lawsuits aimed at obtaining precautionary measures, determining the validity and effectiveness of the arbitration agreement, and nullity trials, recognizing and executing arbitration awards in Mexico.


Our lawyers are part of the list of arbitrators of institutions such as  the  Arbitration Center of Mexico (CAM) and  the  National Chamber of Commerce of Mexico City (CANACO)  .





We advise our clients to conduct procedures  national and international through mediation and alternative self-compounding dispute resolution mechanisms.  





The prevention and resolution of conflicts are an issue of great importance for the operation and productivity of a company. Various studies show that frequent use of controversial and formal conflict resolution mechanisms has decisive consequences on company productivity. Our work with companies has allowed us to see that it is sometimes convenient to take a pragmatic stance when faced with a conflict, rather than promoting lengthy and exhausting trials: well-negotiated settlements preserve business relationships. To achieve them, it is important to assume a negotiating position, but it must be well informed and solid, applying the appropriate skills. This can be achieved through a business policy for the prevention and resolution of conflicts.


Our firm offers specialized consultancy in the design of business policies to prevent and resolve conflicts, combining our experience in negotiation, mediation and arbitration with an economic analysis of the law. 

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