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Our clients


We represent individuals and companies, as well as government institutions. The fields of activity of our clients cover the different areas of commerce, tourism, real estate, maritime, and people who have personal interests to migrate to Canada or to the different countries of our practice:

In Mexico
    Congress of the State of Quintana Roo;  
    Municipalities of Benito Juárez;  

    Hotel Grand Island Cancun,

    Hyatt Vallarta Hotel,
    Hotel Maroma,
    Best Day Group,
    Palece Resort Group;
    Urbina (Mexico);  
    Clewline, LLC,  
    Rain Forest Tramp Limited,  
    Cable cars of the Mayan Forest;  
    Alliance & Companies;  
    D´Ster Havana;  
    IDOM Group (Mexico);  
    Huntington National Bank;  
    The Home Saving and Loan Bank of Youngstown, Ohio;
    Enracon (Renewable Energies and Controlled Environments);  
    Enracon; Avant Garde One;  
    Vanguard Transportation;  
    BEEX (Bureau of Environmental Expérts);
    Rancho "San Francisco" Punta Soliman
    Cat Real Estate
    DAC Companies
    Brunnshweiler Mexico,  
    SIRESOL Councilors,  
    Via Humanita,  
    D´Ster Investland
    Bel Group

    Tulum Business Center



In Cuba and Switzerland  
   Alliance & Companies
   AJ Companies

In Spain  
    Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Navigation of Bilbao;  
    Bilbao Urban Property Chamber, Industrial Promotion and Reconversion Society (SPRI, SA);  
    Grupo BEFESA (Secretaries of the Board of Directors);
    IDOM Group;  
    Real Estate Promotion Society (SPRILUR, SA);  
    University of the Basque Country;  
    Social Council, Sdad. Public Parking Deterrent for Trucks in Bizkaia (APARCABISA -
    Indumetal Group;  
    Sondika Real Estate Securities;  
    Indumetal Recycling;  
    Halley Metals;  
    Ecological Services;  
    Candy Hoover Appliances (Secretary to the Board of Directors);  
    Special Laminates;  
    SERMETAL Group (Sermetal Valencia, Bilbao, Barcelona);  
    ThyssenKrupp Elevadores;  
    Hach Lange;  
    Bide Onera Sdad. Coop. Ltda.,  
    Grupo COBRA, Gres de Valls, SL;  
    Heirs of Julián Chivité, SL;  
    Emergia Contact Center;  
    Space of  Aromas;  
    Airesano hams;  
    Olfactory Marketing;  
    Mallorcan operator;  
    Perfilex Spain;  
    Coral Duero;  
    Fats and Oils (Guatemala);  
    Crato Properties, (Bahamas);  
    Ecosol Solar Technologies, Ltd (Canada),  

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